The Mission

Three words help define direction for the life of a Christ follower—purpose, mission and assignments.

Purpose is the reason something exists. We exist to honor Christ, become like Him and do the things He did. Mission , Jesus said “ As you have sent Me into the world I have sent them, ”( John17:18) We can discover our purpose and mission wrapped up in the life of Jesus. He came to “do good and help those living difficult lives” (Acts 10:28); He came to destroy the works of darkness ( 1 John 3:8); He came to search out those who are lost, not following Him (Luke 19:10). With His help we can do these things.

Assignments come in the form of people, places and situations. God has divine appointments for every believer just ready and waiting. The bible tells us our “ steps are directed by the Lord. ”(Ps. 37:23) The primary assignment of Scott Hinkle Outreach Ministries is to bring the life transforming gospel of Jesus Christ to this generation and to multiply the Good News through men and women preparing and training them to reach their own community and world.

How may we serve you as well as your purpose, mission or assignment?